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PC Maintenance

computer repairs

Do you have a problem with your PC? Or do you just want to keep it in tiptop shape. We can help you make sure your PC performs like the day you bought it or even better. All our technicians have vast experience and know what they are doing. Our technicians will be honest and tell you exactly the recommendation.We will come out to your house repair or fix the problem in the worst-case scenarios we will have to take it away and bring it back to you. Call us or book online and we will come out and make sure you’re PC performs.





Is there something else you want to do with your PC, why not book us to come and give you a quote or give us a call so we can talk about it.


Software upgrades
Installing new software is not always easy and straightforward and that is where we come in. Sometimes you just want to make sure your operating system and other software is up to date and everything is working as it should. We can also provide you with new software upgrading to a new operating system and so on. We will have to come out and have a look before we can recommend new software or upgrades.
Hardware upgrades
They can be a lot of reasons why your PC is running slow but more than often it is because there is not a lot of RAM in the PC. We can check all this this for you and upgrade your hardware to perform the best. On request we can even provide you with new hardware for your PC. We will have to come out and have a look at the PC before we can provide you with any hardware.
Professional PC clean software
When we do a software clean we scan your PC for viruses and make sure your hard drive configurations are set correctly. We completely remove old deleted files and folders from your hard drive. We scan and de-frag your PC to make sure it works the best it can.
Professional PC clean hardware
our professional hardware clean is a heavy duty clean that includes your screen your keyboard your mouse your DVD-ROM drives and your PC itself we remove any dust particles that might be stuck inside a PC and make sure the outer and in the case is clean we also remove any nasty’s that might decline the performance of your PC. Clean out like this is very good to enhance the performance of your PC. We recommend to clean your PC every 3 to 6 months depends on usage.