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handymanLooking for a friendly, local handyman in South West London? Then you’ve come to the right place. Based in the heart of the South West of London, we provide reliable handyman services across south-west London.

Whether you’ve got a leaky tap, a dodgy fuse box or an overgrown garden, we can help. We provide a range of services, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website, don’t be afraid to ask! When you come to Call Handyman Jack with any home maintenance issue, we’ll be happy to come out to your property, take a good look at the problem, and provide you with frank, honest advice on the best way forward. From there, we’ll carry out any repair or maintenance work to the highest standard, to get your home up and running again.

As a local handyman business, customer service is very important to us and a lot of our business comes from word-of-mouth recommendations. To ensure that we provide you with the best service we can, throughout any job we’ll make sure that we keep you fully up-to-date on the progress and any obstacles we encounter. We understand that some people find having work in their home intrusive, and our friendly, diligent handymen will always try to complete the job efficiently, whilst causing the minimum of disruption to your home.
To find out more about the various services we offer across South West London, please have a look around our website.
Need it fixed, fitted, repaired, replaced, put up, patched, installed or assembled? We’d love to help.

The Handy Squad – Professional London Handyman Service


If your job is not on this list, we can probably still help. Give us a call and see – we’re all very friendly!


Odd jobs


We love odd jobs: the sorts of jobs that make you scratch your head and think “who do i call to get this done?” Our team are multi-traders so they can get all sorts of jobs done in one visit. Whether it’s hanging a picture, assembling a new wardrobe, fitting a bath screen, tidying up some cables or anything else your heart desires, our Squad is here to help.


Flat-pack assembly

Let our handymen take care of your flat pack assembly. We’re experts at deciphering instructions written in gobbledygook and getting things fitted together even if bits are missing! So no need to dread going to IKEA any more


1 in 3 jobs we do involves hanging (or mounting) something on a wall. Our handymen make it look easy but there is a large amount of skill involved in understanding the wall, the fixing, the drill bit, the weight and measuring up precisely so that everything looks neat and tidy, and most importantly stays up securely


If you can’t work out who to call, call us! Our handymen are all multi-traders so they can fit, mend, repair and replace till your to do list is no more!

Odd odd jobs

From the moment we take on a handyman, we drum it in to his (or her) head that we are in the business of helping our customers. We employ a team that is here to hand you a happier home.



The Handy Squad is London’s premier Handyman Service. Many of our handymen used to be carpenters before joining the Handy Squad so our team is highly skilled. We focus on basic carpentry jobs such as repairing windows, hanging doors, installing locks, hanging curtain rails and fitting kitchen cabinets etc. 


Cupboard doors

Cupboard doors always look great for about 1 week after being installed: after that the hinge comes loose, the door drops, the unit sags and suddenly just looking at that door can be annoying. Before losing your temper, give us a call and we’ll get it sorted in a jiffy!

Our team are perfect for attaching integrated unit doors to built-in washing machines, dishwashers and fridges.


Handy hint

Most cupboard door hinges are adjustable so you might be able to fix this problem yourself with one turn of your screwdriver!


Our handymen are often called out to rehang doors if new carpets have been laid or if the door has got damp and changed shape! If you’ve bought a new door, we can also hang it for you. We’re also perfect for repairing and strengthening your door frame if you have been unlucky enough to get broken into.

Handy hint

Remember to tell us what door furniture you need fitting as we would need to allow enough time to do this (handles, knockers, mailbox, numbers, night latch, mortice locks, bolts, escutcheons etc.)


Our team of carpenters can fit any type of wooden (or wood-effect) flooring for you, including laying the sub-floor. If you have spent £1,000+ on your floor, choose a company to fit it that you can rely on.

Handy hint

We would need to come out and quote for this work.


You don’t need a locksmith to fit a new lock or replace one that’s broken. Our handymen will take care of this in a jiffy and save you money!

We deal with mortice locks, security bars, London bars, deadbolts, night latches, spyholes, bolts and any type of window catches or latches.

Handy Hint

The tighter the fit the stronger the lock will be.

Kitchen units

If you want to give your kitchen a quick make-over, changing your units can make a real difference. Our handymen are experts at dealing with kitchen cabinets: whether you need the unit assembled, hung, rehung, aligned or adjusted, we’re here for you! Remember that your units may need to carry a lot of weight (pots, pans etc.) so it’s vital to get a good fix in the wall for the wall units.

Handy hint

If you are taking this job on yourself, ensure you know where the gas, electrical and water feeds are located in the wall before drilling!


Our handymen are perfect for constructing book shelves. Whether it’s a couple of shelves both sides of the chimney, book shelves for your study or pigeon holes for your office, we can help! It’s great if you can send us a drawing of what you’re after as it’s often a little tricky to imagine over the telephone. Even better, get us to site for a quote and we can take any uncertainty out of the equation.

Handy hint

Remember to factor in time for painting the shelves. While straightforward, this can be time consuming as timber such as MDF is particularly paint absorbent and can require several coats.





Our team of handymen and plumbers are perfect for small plumbing repair jobs. Fixing leaks, stopping taps dripping, getting your radiators working. We have experienced and qualified professionals ready to help.

It’s useful for us to know if we can isolate the water locally, rather than having to shut off and drain down the entire system. If we can isolate the water locally, the isolation valve should be on the pipe within c.50cm of the damaged item.


Handy hint

If you have caused a leak by hammering a nail into a pipe, do not try to remove the nail as this will make things worse.


Toilets, urinals, basins, sinks, baths, showers. If you have a blockage, give us a call and we’ll get things running again.

Handy hint

These are jobs that are often quite easy to do if you have the stomach for it! Then again, what are plumbers for…

Fixing taps

If your tap is dripping, then it most likely requires a new washer. Alternatively, if your tap turns on and off with just a quarter turn, then you will need a replacement cartridge (not a new washer). Sourcing these cartridges can be a bit trickier as there are lots of different types and the plumbers’ merchant may have to order one in especially.