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Barnes – Earlsfield – Putney – Richmond – Roehampton – Sheen – Southfields – Wandsworth - Wimbledon

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Read before making a booking:
We know it’s difficult for you to decide how long your job will take; we do a minimum of one hour. If the job is 2 to 3 hours and you book us for one hour we will always be able to arrange another time to come and finish the job. Or if you are lucky and it is the engineer’s free slot they might be able to stay in complete a job. Just remember extra charges will apply.

How to book online:
First of all, you have to select a convenient date and time. If the date and time are not listed you can always give us a call that we can make an exception to come out to you. After you selected the date and the time you have to look at the box that says “please select one” and choose what service you would need. For example: if you need a Handyman to come out and hang some pictures you will select  Handyman. You can always write in the message box a short description of the work you would like to be carried out. After you have selected you can fill in your contact information. Please make sure it is filled in correctly. Then you can select if you would like to pay us on arrival or pay us with a bank card or credit card via PayPal. If you select PayPal you will be redirected to PayPal where you can fill in your bank card details for payment. It will show up as Vimtree LTD

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